Moral values starts at home.

October 5, 2009 4:20am CST
As parents, do you agree with me? Why are some families tagged as good families, have juvenile children? And why are below average families also have the same problem? People oftentimes blamed parents for poor parenting. Environment also has a role to play for the misbehaviors of children. But, as observed, children whose good moral values was founded, they are easily identified because they shined out above everyone. Is there any disadvantage of having good moral values? Yes? because, they are ridiculed and sometimes left out by their peers whose moral values are not good. They called them "KJ". Parents, as what we used to be, should always guide our children to always do and fight what is right. Avoid doing things that could hurt themselves and other people. God's guidance is what we need to help parents guide their kids. Children should adhere to what their parents said for no parents will bring to the realm of destruction.
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