Ever had a dream come true?

@Swadey (220)
October 5, 2009 3:19pm CST
Have you ever had a dream come true? or a dream that you have found to be quiet strange? last night i had a wierd dream i had a dream where me and my boyfriend got into this huge fight and were yelling at each other, but i dont rember what it was about, i think that it was something really stupid, but the thing is that me and my boyfriend never fight. so i really doubt its going to come true its just really strange do you think that it has some kind of meaning? Happy Mylotting!
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@ElicBxn (60892)
• United States
6 Oct 09
I've had 2 dreams come true, one started when I was a very young child and was always located at a place in town, and whenever we drove by the place, I'd remember the dream - I'm guessing it started when I was 2 or 3, since we lived pretty close to the place then. I do remember having it, and knowing I'd had the dream before when I was 4 and 5. I had it at least once a year after I was 9 or 10, when we moved again and now drove past it more often than we had been for the previous 7 years. It came true when I was in 10th grade, I was 15. I just sat there going: "this is my dream, its coming true, I can't believe it!" the other dream was the night - or actually the morning of my birthday and I dreamed I was at work, and I was running late and I jumped on a crowded elevator just as the doors were closing and there were 2 people with cakes on the elevator, and when I got upstairs there was nothing I could eat (because of my food allergies.) I woke up so angry, I went and got myself some breakfast and got to work early. Well, I went down and visited with my former co-workers and was running late and it all transpired just as I dreamed it - BUT, because I had eaten, I wasn't angry, I could be amused and awed by the dream coming true.