What would happen?

United States
October 5, 2009 6:26pm CST
So, I have been thinking a lot lately, and have been wondering. What if there was a national disaster? What if we had no electricity, our power grids had been destroyed? I have thought about what kind of people would survive, would you survive? Why would you survive? There are survival skills that everyone should know, but we all know that this isn't true. Too many people wouldn't know how to survive, can you just see Paris Hilton trying to survive in a world that didn't cater to her? Let me know your thoughts.
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@mesuaky (397)
• Singapore
6 Oct 09
if you actually think about this in reality? even Paris will learn how to survive, the survival instinct in build with in each living creature. Humans or animals have this, and its called instinct. Paris acts because in the back of her mind she knows in the end someone will help her and she has the money that she can use but if the realization that she really has nothing, she will definitely come into her senses and her instinct will come of from her. this is the way of life, have you ever though those days when electricity was not yet invented? but yet people has survived and look what we are today. if a national disaster ever happens it will just be like God has pressed rewind and play.
• United States
6 Oct 09
Yes I know about instinct, but I also know that when one wasn't raised a certain way, it makes it harder to adapt. Of course I know people lived without electricity, but they didn't know any better, it was their way of life. Adapting to a regressive situation, is much harder, than being in a hard situation to begin with. How many people now a days know how to be self sufficient? I know we all have instinct, but even human instinct can fail. Can you really say that someone with little or no survival skills, will be o.k. because instinct will kick in? Personally I believe that being prepared is so much better than being naive.