A quest of God or Nature???

October 5, 2009 10:04pm CST
We the people here in the Philippines have experienced two typhoons and still one is on our country... i have heard many news about the effect of the typhoons and have seen lot of victims here in my community... are this calamities a test on us by Nature..? or by God..?)-:-(
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• India
6 Oct 09
god or nature do not select their victims to punish. philipines seems to be in a zone where typhoons and hurricanes are passing through causing devastation all around. also its a island. it has limited options when it comes to flooding. if god chooses to punish, then he can definitely intervene and save the people. in the history of mankind such a thing had not happened so far. it can happen only in the so-called holy books of religions and nowhere else. only way now is to wait for the fury to die down. man is helpless against the fury of nature. our technology cannot fight this. we need to keep safe distance from it. that is the only option before us.
• Philippines
6 Oct 09
ow! a good answer... your right... if nature fights back to us... we have nothing to with it... we can only avoid it but can never stop it... ^_^
@PeacefulWmn9 (10424)
• United States
7 Oct 09
Hello Noity. My heart and my prayers go out to all of you! God does not wish or visit calamity randomly on any of his children, but nature and weather, while they do not mean harm, sometimes people are the path of it anyway. We cannot control the weather! No matter where we live, we are at its mercy, so to speak. The best we can do is properly prepare if know before hand of storms and calamities headed our way. Other than that, we grieve the losses with our hearts and minds and repair the ravages of weather's aftermath the best ways we can. You all have my thoughts and prayers. Karen