What will you do, if your first love come when your mate want 2 marry you?

October 6, 2009 3:37am CST
I have a man who I love until now, he is my first love. Some years ago before I met my mate, I always try to close him. But he always make distance with me, I think he not love me again and have new girlfriend. My friend said that he was focus on his study and prepare to get job, he want to prepare his future at that time. Now he get the success, he called me. But the problem I have a mate. my mate always beside me and understand me. My big secret is I don't love my mate, I make a relationship with him cause I feel confused and dizzy with my first love. Now, my mate is waiting for me to know wether I want to marry him or not. My first love want to make a start over new with me. So, if you were me what will you do?
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@zoey7879 (3104)
• United States
6 Oct 09
If the first guy was concerned about the future before he wanted to start a life *with* you... that's a good thought, except for that fact that it sounds like he never talked to you about that, or he's had a serious change of heart. But how can anyone that truly has respect for you come and disrupt your life now? However, if you don't love the person that you are with now... and you've been together a while, why are you with him at all? It's not right to string people along. You have a decision to make, but if I were you, I'd be spending some time alone to get my head on straight before I made any serious decision.
• Indonesia
11 Oct 09
well, thanks for your suggestion 4 me... I think, you are right. I have to decide something. may be a decision that do not make both of them are hurt. even I love my first love, I think it is not fair for my mate if I choose my first love. is it right? if I prefer my mate who always beside and understanding me.