@RhodaK (177)
United States
October 6, 2009 8:57am CST
Any my lotters out there seen Wicked. I live near Chicago and missed it. How was the show? Worth spending the money to see. I have a 14 yr. old daughter who would LOVE to see it.
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• Australia
5 Mar 10
Definitely WORTH IT!! I LOVE IT!! I went to one just about two weeks ago. The cheapest ticket cost $120 Aussie dollar so its a bit expensive for me, but luckily they were having this lottery competition thing.. so like about 2 hours before the show start they will do lottery and pull out names so we could purchase cheaper tickets. So I went 15 minutes before the lottery opens, put in myname (totally free) and we could choose wether we wanted 1 or 2 tickets, then if I win then I get to buy 2 tickets for only $30 each!! The lottery is for the very first row seat, so its totally at the front, the performance is really just in front of you :) Very beautiful. It last for about 3 hours with intermission in between, I really recommend you go and see this one esp for your daughter as the show not only good in terms of singing and performance but the story line is really good too. It teaches about friendship, about kindness and about love. How beautiful a friendship can be if you look past the outer shell of it :)