when do u prefer to study

@vdhaval (119)
October 6, 2009 10:54am CST
hey everybody studies at some point of time for an exam or does homework or studies to gain knowledge out of topics of their interests. so whats the time u prefer for studin early morning(4am-8am) morning(8am-12pm) afternoon(12pm-4pm) evening(4pm-7pm) nite(7pm-11pm) late nite(11pm-4am) i am more of a early morning person and i cant study after 7pm in the evening so share along ur prefered timings
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• United States
6 Oct 09
For me it all depends on when the test is and what my schedule is around the test. Like right now I actually have 2 exams tomorrow and so I'm taking a quick break online since I just got out of a class and then in an hour or so I'll sit down and finish making flashcards until my other class at 5 PM. Then once I'm out I have shows I watch from 8-11 PM and that is the time I can get a ton done so the guys I watch the shows with will probably be quizzing me the entire time. It works great and its the best way I study - I know some people can't do work at night or can't have distractions but I need those distractions in order to concentrate.
@deniblue7 (122)
• Indonesia
6 Oct 09
Make me learn it at any time, for had the free time I will learn to know what I do not know, whether it is general knowledge, social or other. So for me to learn is not dependent of time. It is done more often in the morning or evening price, because if the morning our minds are still fresh and what we learn akn Concept stored in our memory, as well as night, tenng yng atmosphere will lead us in learning more rilex