Visualization Chain... Keep it going!!!

United States
October 6, 2009 12:31pm CST
Here's the idea. Each of us imagine in our mind for a moment, one thing we'd love to do which may or may not be impossible. The more descriptive, the more you write, the better. I will take you one place in my mind. Where are you taking us next?! I am floating on my tiny boat in the crystal blue waters on a warm summer day, the wind gently blows through my hair, hat tipped just over my brow as she rocks and sways peacefully. I'm resting my feet and hands crossed on my chest, watching the birds fly overhead as they sing a sweet natural melody, when cool water splashes my face from the little fish hopping out of the water beside my boat. I begin now to drift off. My boat begins to slowly sink into the water but I am not afraid. I can breathe down here and see ahead of me a sunken ship. I dive down and through the wasting debris hoping I may find some treasure here as I watch all the colorful fish floating by and the coral of every color. When suddenly, peeking through the ships window, I see two large friendly eyes staring at me. She beckons me with her fin to follow her. I grab on to her fins and off we go drifting like a bird through the silky blue waters....................................... please continue from here....
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