Studying history

@nagikka (411)
October 6, 2009 3:16pm CST
I swear I'm going insane ! when it comes to studying I've got no problem: I read the book, underline the most important things, highlight keywords and draw small schemes or mind maps that I can use to revise. However, the same method doesn't seem to work with history, I simply cannot link one event to the other, I forget dates, people's names, their political views and so on. I still have one month to go before the exam but I'll be forced to postpone it because stuff doesn't seem to stay on my mind and I have three books to study (the other ones are about methods to teach history and the history of Japan - which by the way has nothing to do with what I'm studying since nobody studies the history of Japan at primary school in Italy). Do you have any methods that I can use to study history ? I'm studying from 1848 to 2001/2002 ... If it weren't for Wiki I'd be doomed :|
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@Watashi (22)
• United States
6 Oct 09
My two cents... The way I see it, study ability is directly proportional to interest in the subject. I personally hate U.S and World history, and almost failed both. on the other hand, Art, Japanese History(admittedly I haven't persued this interest much yet), and English come easy to me. My suggestion is to either find something in the subject (in this case history) that interests you. It will make study easier. Of course some subjects are just plain dull, so you might have to try relating it to something that interests you. It's hard to give better advice than this, i'm afraid.