What are you waiting for?

October 7, 2009 2:17am CST
The trend of being a single is growing.I got in touch with one of my former classmates,she told me that lots of classmates in junior middle school had got married,but most of them don't enjoy their lives.She told me so much,and I feel a little sad,a little down,I start to doubt marriage.Will you be happy after having your own family?And will it be better to be a single? If you are a single,what are you waiting for?I always wish that the next one is better~so, I haven't found my Mr. right,even my first love. HOW ABOUT YOU?
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@bhavya10 (53)
• India
10 Oct 09
well, i am waiting for my mr. right. singlehood gives lonliness in return. marriage should be with a person whom we trust fully and know from a long time. even i am a bit scared of marriage. marriage is not a sad affair if our spouse is of compatible with us. he should respect us. marriage gives great joys most of the time. if you are financially and socially secured then there is no sorrow in starting up a family. it wont be better to be single if you have found someone for you. but if you want to compromise with the guy then it may be a blunder. i am single. i havent found someone yet. as soon as i do, i'll get married i guess. i wish that you find ur mr. right very soon. dont be scared of marriage. try it once.
• China
11 Oct 09
I definitely agree with you!Maybe marriage is not so perfect as we thought,but most of us have to experience it.Lovers should respect each other ,even though to love is not equal to be loved most of the time.Thank you friend!GREAT DAY!
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
I am waiting for someone to propose marriage. Of course I am very much prepared 10 years ago!but the problem is, nobody seems interested to marry me.lol! Actually I am now becoming impatient with my life because I really want to get married before the whole world crumbles. I am already in my mid 30's and I am eager to have children before my ovary entered Red Zone, but as days passed I am beginning to lose hope. I hated my life and kept answering a weary question: Why the boys did not dash towards me?why there seems to be an endless conquest to be noticed, and the whys keep repeating in my system like a broken musical record. Grrrr!
@anning (88)
• China
22 Oct 09
first i remind you that if a friend said that his marriage was not happy, definitely he was not a good husband. he may just feed up with the life with his wife and want to find some fun. i think the day after marriage is dull and common .i can know it from the daily chats of my parents. i think no reason can hinder a person finding his or her another.
@agv0419 (3029)
• Philippines
22 Oct 09
I think it is not my choice to be single up to now I can't find the right guy for me I'm still waiting for him I don't know when. Most of the married couples now a days are not happy about their marriage life sometimes they regret it. Some of my classmates are married and they have children. I think it is very complicated to be married if you are not yet ready you should think it carefully before you decide.
• Philippines
17 Oct 09
I am one of those people who are not for marriage.I don't want to be tied down in an unhappy commitment.I'd rather stay single and happy than live miserably with a partner.it may sound selfish,but I think a divorce is more stressful and emotionally taxing than a dateless Friday night.