whom do you survive for ?

@magic9 (981)
October 7, 2009 2:44am CST
As I grow oler, I find life is so complex and in many occasions, we do not live for our selves. A mother might put all her cherish on her child, a wife might focus totally on her husband and child, giving up much of her personal activities. so do you agree that we live for people relating to us or only lve for ourselves ?
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@Archie0 (4668)
7 Oct 09
Hello magice.sOMetimes even i think that i am tired of my life but i still have to live for that someone who is living for me and has been expecting things from me, i have completly lost hopes from life for myself, but i am just living for my mother who has a lots and lots of hopes from me, i am just doing whatever i am for her.I dont have any sort of good thing plannings for myself because long time back i have just thrown out my own possibilities which are lost almost..
@magic9 (981)
• China
7 Oct 09
hi, Archie, I can understand what your feeling is because I often feel such occasions that i fell like no goal or lost. I question myself why i am living and whom i am living for. But these absurd questions are only raised when people are depressed. it s no wrong that we must live for other people, for those we love. Stay happy !
@LordOzz (204)
• Philippines
7 Oct 09
basically for my family. and my future own family. i study i eat for my family. i strive hard on every little thing for my family. for myself. i dont really think about my self. i only think about my love ones. coz someday i will give them a very nice and easy life.
@mesuaky (397)
• Singapore
7 Oct 09
i agree that we do live for people that are important to us, but i also believe that in this process we also live for ourselfs. it is actually a package all in one. like for myself, i live and work hard to support my family, my mother and my sister, in this process i do stop once in a while and feel the happiness and joy when i see how happy my family are and sometimes i do stop and reward myself for a job well done. a person is not an island, you will always have someone in your life that you value the most where you actually live for but in return what you do to them also makes you happy and fullfiled. feelings that are for yourself to enjoy.
@2babita (1074)
• India
7 Oct 09
Well magic9,i think we cannot live alone in this world.Bucz what ever we do we need somebody to say whether it is for the good or bad.If we are happy we have to express our happiness with somebody and if we are sad then also we have to cry with somebody.Nothing can be done alone.I live in this world for my family only.
• Spain
7 Oct 09
Without a question, I am surviving for my family. They mean the whole world to me and I would do and give everything for my family. They are my inspiration, and the meaning I am living for in this life.