Cedie, My Grandbaby

cedie - my grandbaby Cedie on his first day
@bing28 (3798)
October 7, 2009 4:24am CST
My first grandson Cedric comes two weeks before some parts of the Philippines were submerged into floods by typhoon Ondoy. I thank God, we didn't experience the fate of other countrymen where people young and old had to fight for their survival, against the roof top deep floods. Babies and adults sufferred hunger at the rooftops with wet clothes for days until rescued. Some people were swift by the current, some didn't make it and others still missing. I just hugged my grandbaby Cedie watching the heartbreaking scenes flashed at the news on TV. Am so grateful to God we are spared from that delimna. Four days after, I have to leave home for surgery, I can't help crying hugging Cedie again and her elder sister, 3 yr old Chloee. Chloee kissed me and asking why am I crying. I said to myself at least Chloee had feel my love for 3 years, how about Cedie, would he still experience the love of a grandmom after the surgery? God is good, however, am hugging again my baby cedie now, after a successful surgery. Thanks God, I just hope and I trust God, no more worries and a continuous hug and love for my two grandbabies.
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