politicians should pity the people: stop corruption

October 7, 2009 5:19am CST
since our country was hit by two typhoons, billions already is the total cost of the damages and that did not include the lives of the people drowned in the flood. i hope that those in the position will not be corrupt anymore. they should not think of themselves only but the welfare of filipino people.
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@buzzmaker (631)
• India
7 Oct 09
I understand the sad situation there. It is really a shame on all the politicians. They just have to be corrupted to be a politician otherwise they are not qualified! Power brings money and Money buys power, this is a loop where all the politics happens, everywhere in the world. Floods and natural disasters happen everywhere. Even in India, Billions of dollars are alloted for such a disaster management and to provide food, shelter to affected people. The worst part is, each year these disasters disturbs millions of people's lives but still they don't get any help. All the help they get is from other people in the nation who willingly donate money, food and clothing. I wonder where those billions or dollars go!! I am sure same thing happens in most of the countries. There are exceptions like USA. typhoons hit america too, but every year the life is restored very quickly and efficiently. Corruption is a cancer for these under developed countries.