Religion: Good or Bad?

United States
October 7, 2009 6:05am CST
Like it or not, religion is a powerful force in our world. People in the middle east die for it every day, and the ideas of the Bible influenced American society (remember who founded america). Would you say religion is worthwhile, or does it cause more harm than good?Personally, I can't decide. Religion sets forth a set of values and ideals for how to live, and that has a very constructive effect. Not only that, but many people have greatly improved their lives through religion. On the other hand, religion has been used as a mind control device and a method for gaining power. It also breeds fanaticism and violence in certain times and places i.e. the crusades or todays middle east. I'd like to know people thoughts on the matter.
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@hurvee (7)
• Philippines
7 Oct 09
religion? as per freud, it is the opium of the people. no further comment.