What you will do when your loved one didn't talk to you?

October 7, 2009 10:15am CST
Friends... what you will do when your loved ones didn't talk to you on your birthday.
2 responses
• China
7 Oct 09
Maybe I have many thoughts.For example, he may not love me again, he must forget my birthday.....this year, I were think that my boyfriend did not say it to me, but he did it at last minute. "Better late than never", so I forgave him.
• United States
7 Oct 09
Last year I made a pretty dumb mistake. I don't regret it because in the end it was a great learning experience, but still. Last year I moved in with my boyfriend and my parents were not happy. It was this huge thing and I had my birthday when I lived with him. It was so strange not getting phone calls to say happy birthday from grandparents or even my own parents. My siblings didn't even call me.. It was pretty depressing. My boyfriend did try and make it a good day despite everything.. but honestly? Not hearing from anyone on my birthday made me feel kind of forgotten.