are you contented?

October 7, 2009 10:16am CST
hello mylotters, i mean are you contented with your life? like, "hey i do this all the time and everyday" we eat, create memories, work hard, survive, go to school, talk with people, imagine, and like "is this endless?" i mean does your life today has more thrill than the usual one? why do we still continue this works? because i kinda feel not contented in my life because things like, "i go to school everyday" keeps going and after i graduate "i will work for survival" what's the purpose of this all? well, just like someone said, "make your life meaningful" :D just wondering hehe
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• Philippines
7 Oct 09
change is what prevents stagnation. without change the world would never evolve. our beliefs and values change and grow as we do. and as we grow so do our values. meaning of life? have a life, get into it and enjoy it! life is for living and loving and laughing