College Education

@Boboy2 (62)
October 7, 2009 11:37am CST
It is important for an individual to have gotten a college degree. My grandfather told me that it was a waste to pursue a further education since what has been significant for anybody is to start a business. I thought otherwise instead of clinging to what was traditional. I studied on my own; that is, without the assistance of the members of my immediate family. It was my business in taking care of my educational struggles. I invested so much efforts. I gained. I had made it to the top. Now, I am an icon to my family circle. It was a good investment afterall.
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• United States
10 Oct 09
Your grandfather is right in the fact that starting a business is a wonderful alternative to higher education. But, if you pursue a higher education you will better we fit to run that business.
@77klove (109)
• United States
22 Nov 09
I must say, I feel both negative and positive feelings about finishing college. Yes I do want to finish college but the way I would like it to. I do not want to take all these classes that I am not interested into or REQUIREMENT CLASSES... Why can't I just take the class that I want to major in for my profession... It's like they make me take some freaking health class for Web Design and Graphic Design, mmmmm Ya I so need that, Ya I could see where they are going if you try to build up a conversation about your health being on the computer so much I GET IT...I understand that but I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THAT...I want to have a profession one of these days and my own boss on the net and work for someone that pays well at the same time PERIOD. The classes that they make you take especially for someone like me desapoints me but again I'm not a quiter so ya but at the sametime I'm not a nerd so there you go.
13 Oct 09
I think a university degree is very important especially to make oneself more competitive in this horrible economic climate. It's good to know that you are very confident upon completion.
• China
12 Oct 09
I graduated from a college this summer,but i do not think i have learned too much knowledge while it is a fact that i really learned the ability wnich is necessary for both my future life and work.I am miss my life in school very much,and hope everyonr who in school now can value hia life.
@ipod28 (23)
• China
12 Oct 09
in fact i hata school i like the freedom of Internet
@grey26 (254)
• Philippines
11 Oct 09
Hi there, i am a college student in a university somewhere in the philippines. In our country it is important to you to have a bachelor college. Some high business, enterprises prefered to have a diploma that you have a college degree to enter a job. And another is you have advantage to other people that you have a college degree. And as a individual ,a person having a diploma of a college gave you confidence to yourself. Now as a student i study hard to pass college and get diploma. For in the future, i can get a good job. Keep mylotting.