before the computer and cellphone?

@Swadey (220)
October 7, 2009 3:12pm CST
what did you do before you had a computer and a cellphone. i remeber i was in elementry school still and i would talk on the home phone for hours with my friend and do my homewowrk over the phone, man that was a long time ago, i think i went outside and played alot more then too, i would call friends and ask them to go to the park or go play a game of soccor. Happy mylotting!
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
8 Oct 09
Hi Swadey, before having those two devices, I spent most to my time watching tv programs and doing house chores at the same time. The interesting programs on the tv screen made me feeling so happy and I finished all the clothes unconsciously During weekends, I liked hanging around in the shopping mall with friends. After that we usually eating, chatting and having fun at the favorite food court located by the side of the lake for hours. nowadays I seldom go out anymore. I prefer to surf net at home comfortably. The computer and internet connection have changed my lifestyle a lot Happy posting!
@mohitseth (568)
• India
8 Oct 09
i think before cellphone and computer i was having my videogame and radio. i still have both things and i use videogame evryweekend because i like to enjoy my childhood again and now i am using radio on my phone. i like to text messages to my friend and i daily use my cell now and i pay 1000 rs or 25$ monthly on my phone. happy mylotting.
• United States
8 Oct 09
I would draw and watch television before I used a computer and cell phone. But that was in the past. In the present or at the time of this writing I usually watch tv shows on the computer and draw on the computer.
@rainmark (4306)
7 Oct 09
Before the computer and cellphone, in that time I was a little gil, in elementary days. I used to play alot outside with friends,i study alot,read alot and i slept early. I am full of energy to mingle wth others. But now, most of my time is in front of pc
@baybay3 (66)
• United States
7 Oct 09
Hey! Before the computer and cellphone I spent a lot of my time playing out side with friends and going figure skating. I also feel that I had a lot less distractions so I spent more time doing my homework and studying.
• Mexico
7 Oct 09
before the computer and the cellphone i was a little kid that used to read a lot and go to the movies. I think this two activities still being fun nowdays but i have less and less time to do them.