a nasty skype virus is goign around. Be very very careful!

@marrie1 (256)
United States
October 8, 2009 1:54am CST
Hello all. I ws the victum of a nasty skype virus that is gogni around. Skype if some don't know is a telephone prlgram for the computer and you can have good calls with good sound quality. but a virus is goign around wherein a contact who has ben hacked will send the virus to most if not all of your contacts if you unknowingly except the file and the hacker will also steal your accout password and credit card info. thus makignit impossible for you to log back in to skype. i contacted skype about this and they are looking in to the matter. The file you do not want wo except is called "flower.exe." i usually am very careful. it came from a what i thought was a trusted source and bit me hard. google for it as I can''t yet paste links. Take care and be careful guys!
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