team indian will enter the super 8 stages this time.YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 8, 2009 4:06am CST
hello the team groupings for the 2011 world cup. there are 2 groups,each containing 7 teams and the top four teams from each group will adavance to the super 8 stages. we didnt make it to the super 8 stages last world cup we didnt make it to the second stage of the T20 world cup this year. we didnt make it to the next stage of the champions trophy this year but nobody can stop us this world cup. even if we lose to south africa and england,we can easily go pass teams like west indies,bangladesh,ireland and holland if and only if the problem between the cricket board and players commitee of west indies continues and they send the same second string squad and not a good day for another upset from bangladesh. oh ho. seems i spoke too soon. so india can hopefully go pass holland.ireland is also known for upsetting top teams in major tournaments just like they did for pakistan last world cup. i believe the ICC is so wrong to put the indian team in a group consisting of such powerfull team and some very unpredictable teams. oh well there goes another super 8 .
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