What is the right way to play snooker??? Why I Still Cant Get It?

@weimin (33)
October 8, 2009 10:16am CST
I think snooker its quite hard to get use to it...Can Anyone teach to how to play??? At first,i thought that snooker just like a simple game...but after i started to play and i found that it's not an easy job... It is quite hard concentrate on the target of the stick...the stick always goes different way...I was thinking why i watch on youtube there is so many poeple that can make a break in one nice shot? Can anyone teach me??? Please...
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10 Oct 09
Many people I have played have thought of Snooker too much like Pool when it really is a completely different and much more complex game. I have been playing snooker in my local club since I was 13 and I am now 24. If you are uncomfortable with playing a full frame then start off placing balls around the table and learn to use the cue in different ways, you need to keep yourself steady, especially your head when you are down on the shot. The reason I have improved so much is that I put in the work to improve my potting and positional play. If you do useful practices then you should soon see improvement. Once I was able to make a decent break I was ready to play a full game. It might be worth choosing a player and finding out what they would recommend or how they improved their game. Good luck.