Just Curious - Is Anyone Else Out There Single (Never Married) and Fifty

United States
October 8, 2009 10:34am CST
I just turned 50 years old this past summer and have never been married. I would like to know just who, if anybody, is like me. I am female, although that does not matter to me. I just rarely meet others who are my age and never married. It seems a bit odd, I know, to be asking that question, but I just want to see who is out there that might understand what it is like to be getting on in years and never wore a wedding ring. I am not looking for a date or a mate on this site. My motivation is purely common interest. There just never seem to be many people around who are my age who are not divorced, separated, or un-wed parents. Oh, did I forget to mention, no children, either? Well, no children, either. So, please come out of the woodwork and introduce yourselves to me, if you are out there. I am beginning to think I am an alien to this planet.
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• United States
10 Oct 09
well I was with you up until you said you had no children. I will be 41 this year. I have never been married or been asked for that matter. How ever I tried a couple of relationships only to discover that none of them were worth their weight and ended up being a single parent who is currently pregnant and due in two months or less. I say this to you--while you may be missing the institution of marriage there aren't many if any worthy partners out there. Personally I refuse to compromise my personal standards all for the sake of marriage. I just wish I ahdn't compromised my virtue either. there is a certain beauty in being single--you have no one else's will to submit to(I have to answer to my children yes, but i'm still the big boss). I love my children but I wish was still my original self. there is nothing wrong with being single. When it is the right time to have a husband you will be older and wiser than before. I feel that you will be less likely swayed by some cassanova and more likely to think a situation through. I also feel you have a true love streak in you and do not wish to waste time on some one who will not love you properly or be worth the love and dedication you bestow upon him. I do not think that it is unsual to not be coupled with any one. i feel that is more upsetting to be coupled just for the sake of being coupled. don't let popular thinking and actions take you away from the truth of your person. Love you as you are Queen Deborah
• Philippines
11 Oct 09
i admire what u are writing here. surely, marriage is not the answer. but that is what is really happening here. once a girl gets pregnant, she (or the partner) is "forced" into marriage because of the situation which is usually frowned upon here (although a lot have been into that situation already ... talks eventually die down). i am 52 and now "single" again as i am widowed. i was just caught by ur wise words, queen deborah... truly wise thoughts from a queen!
@agv0419 (3029)
• Philippines
10 Oct 09
I'm still young I'm only 26 but I never had any bf. I think you can still find your destiny sometimes I takes longer before you find him but it is still possible. I still open to the possibility of being single forever if it is my fate I ready to accept it. You can still be happy even if you are not married.
• China
23 Oct 09
I can't agree more. To run our own life positively and be happy everyday! Cheers :)
@veejay19 (3592)
• India
25 Oct 09
No you are not an alien and you have company....me"! I just turned 64 this month and have been a bachelor all my life and i do not regret it. I am single because of a disability which happened when i was 24 years and now i am on a wheelchair. However i am not mentally affected though i hardly have any women friends and mostly men but very few. It does not bother me that i am unmarried and i am enjoying my life as i believe that is what God had in store for me in this life.Will you be my friend?
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
I very much applaud you for being independent.being single at fifty is not an easy task,as I've read.there is lot of pressure from family,friends,and society that being married is a woman's worth.but I believe not all women are destined to be married.
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
10 Oct 09
Hello Margreteden, I am not yet 50 years old but I am still very much single and never dated anybody before, I am a 35 year-old woman who still cling to the conservative tradition of finding mate through a natural meeting and not through blind dates or internet. I admire you for having a positive disposition about life. Being single at 50 without children is one thing that can be proud of because it's just mean that you are deciding your life carefully and not contributed to the population explosion. I always take things in a positive point of view. Anyway our mission in this world is to keep our environment safe, be a good example to others and create a harmonious relationship to other people and the surroundings, married is a vocation and so single blessedness it is not a thing to be fret or ashamed for because as we mature, our wisdom increases, wisdom includes unconditional acceptance towards ourselves and the world we live. Society and people just pressured us to get married but when we look on life carefully, it's not the sole purpose why we were born. We are here to be a good creature that can protect the environment that God created for us. There are many singles in the world who did not count their status to become achievers and good leaders. Sir Isaac Newton, Alfred Nobel, Queen Elizabeth II of England,Florence Nightingale, Jane Austen, Ludwig Beethoven and US President James Buchanan were few World's examples of greatest singles who left remarkable achievements. So just go on with life and be inspired that you are living a decent life, free from intruders. Just pray hard to God so that whatever you've been dreaming will all come true with peace in your heart.
@mesuaky (397)
• Singapore
8 Oct 09
hi margreteden, nope i am not under your criteria, i just happen to see your topic and i am very surprise, i think there are still people out there who are under the things you have mention, i am still single though and at the age of 32, when i saw your topic it just hit me if i would also reach this point. wow...