immigrants taking advantage of their status!!!

@vikkiz (519)
October 8, 2009 6:19pm CST
Recently on a night out two young asian boys assualt my friend (a young girl) they then ran into a takeaway, we called the police and waited, whilst we waited more and more asian men turned up in cars as if to intimidate us?? The police arrived and went into speak to the boys,It came to light that they denied the whole thing and claimed we had racially abused them!!! It was only when they were actually arrested it came to light that witnesses inside the takeaway said they had saw the assualt happen from the takeaway window then had heard the boys bragging about what theyed done to the takeaway manager, Both the boys claimed ''the police wont touch us because we are asian immigrants'' and then went on to say that they have the upper hand in this country!!!! I was disgusted to find out that if these people hadnt have come forward with their witness statements we would have been arrested too beause the boy said wed been rasist and thats why hed been provoked??!! It Disgusts me as if it had been a white man who'd hit a woman they would have been instantly arrested! But the police tipped toed around those two boys as if they were ticking time bombs!!!Even though the boys were seen on cctv hitting my friend and even though there were numerous statements against the two boys they got off with it and all they were asked to do was write a written letter of oppology to my friend???So these boys who think they can run round assaulting women get off with writing s letter???!!!! disgusting!!!I thought this country was all about equality and making sure everyone is tret the same?? What do you think about the ludicrous situation do you think it will just make these boys think that they can get away with it all the time???
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