stupid people

United States
October 8, 2009 10:01pm CST
there were these pirates that tried to steal from a ship thinking it was a cargo ship, but instead it was a naval vessal. these pirates are so stupid. the worst thing that a person is try to hijjack a naval vessal. a lage one for a matter in fact. as the pirates entered the ship they relizied that they were on a naval vessal and tried to leave. sadly if you were trying to get off a boat that was heavly guarded and had many men on it, it would be hard to get on people are so stupid.
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@mesuaky (397)
• Singapore
9 Oct 09
well you have to understand this pityful creatures may be lacking in knowledge of what they are doing basically pirates are un-educated people thats why they became pirates in the first place. they may not know how to distinguish and ordinary vessal from a naval vessal until they saw men in uniform inside. funny but i think this think your talking about the incident as if it is from a movie.
• United States
10 Oct 09
no this was on yahoo news a couple of days ago, it was posted and i just read it.there probly is a movie on that but i havent seen it.
• Philippines
9 Oct 09
Whew.. Hi there kobilabs.. Welcome to mylot. I think the pirates didn't really know that the vessel that they attacked is a Naval vessel. Well that's their fate sorry for them. That will be the end of their wrong deeds. Happy lotting to to you.. Enjoy your stay here..