Why are people in MLM so emotionally attached to the industry?

October 9, 2009 1:29am CST
I think of MLM as more of a club than a legitimate business, people join because their friends and family recruit them and they make bad business decisions they might not otherwise make if friends and family weren't involved. I also think that their ENTIRE business model relies on them being able to sell you on the idea too. That is why they will go to great lengths to persuade you to join up, because they are financially inclined to do so, to the point of free informational sessions, trips, etc. Most of these legalized pyramid/ponzi schemes also have several classes that teach people to be relentless in their recruiting tactics, which would elicit the behavior you observed. I stay WELL away from anyone pushing this horrible business model...
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@benny128 (3621)
11 Oct 09
sorry I dis-agree with you about mlm, I have been in mlm for over 5 yearsand make more than a full time living from it, I can only speak from my experience I am attached to the industry simply because I love making money thats why we work but I also love making other people money aswell. Many people say that its only the people up the chain that make money that is simply not correct the people in the uplines only make money if the people in the downlines make money. Also it gets criticised of being a pyramid type scheme what business isn't ?? take a bank you have the people at the bottom the cashiers making money for their manager the managers then make money for the higher management and so on all the way upto the directors of the company. Which do you want to be ?? a cashier of a director, mlm is very simply just a fantastic way for ordinary people like me and you to make a fantastic living without having to step out your front door. There are great mlm businesses and ones which aint that good, its a simple case of finding one that works and working with your upline as its in your uplines best interest to make you money because if you dont make money neither does the person who referred you. One final word I will never say its easy it isnt but once you get used to it and focus on where you want to be and get the help from your upline like I did when I got into mlm 5 years ago you can make it work. It all depends how much people want to make it work, as most people join mlm and think they will earn fortunes within weeks and because they dont they call it a scam, when in other words they just dont have the motivation and dedication to make it happen and again that is speaking from personal experience.
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@sdas86 (6076)
• Malaysia
11 Oct 09
I agree with you. A lot of people join MLM because of their friends and family are a member of the MLM business.
• Indonesia
9 Oct 09
totally agree with u! they were more selling their words than a products. Is there any of you can tell me how many of their members whom using their own MLM products, like medicines, vitamins, etc ? lots of my friends joining this kinda MLM, and they offers everyone, i mean EVERYONE! with a full power, PUSHY, and maybe they're considering we are a fool that they can make a fool of us to join it ufff...yeah right, no way i would wanna join it! there is one more bad side of this MLM..it only richen the upline people, not the lowest downline people. because the more they can find people to join them, the richer they will be, but what about the lowest downline if they couldn't find anyone to join his/her line ????