What do people thinks about u?

October 9, 2009 2:58am CST
Well, being part of our lives, are those challenges we striving for. One of this is the wrong information starting from one person or a backstabber. People's always thinks good nor bad for you while you are turning back to them. But there are some who made you great to anothers peoples' eyes.. We are living in a world of sins... How can we determine that the people we meet and encountered in our daily lives are good to us? Remember we are all sinners, even though we are best friends, there are some circumstances we can't stop to felt hate with each other. For you, what do people thinks about you?
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@betsyhu (207)
• China
9 Oct 09
I don't know what other person thinks about me. It's not important for me to guess. even if you are perfection, some one always list your shortcomings in his eye. that is, nobody can be ideal. Since that, why you worry about other's view ? Of course, all things you do are based on not tampering with others indeed.
• Philippines
9 Oct 09
Yah, you have the point, but in our lives, there is something bothering me in this case. when i saw people nothing doing only rumoring beside me, if i heard what they are talking about, I thinks very conscious. If I am the the topic in their discussion. I hate that very much,,and i get mad... very-very mad.,.. Because for me, I don't like to hear wrong gossips about me from their mouth,,, why do they use their mouth for that? that's what I've always been thinking of...
@sanjuks_j (193)
• India
9 Oct 09
you are right someways. but i don't care what peoples think about me, because I am what I am, every one have different kind of view, we see things as well peoples with different behavior and different point of view. so what is right for me can be wrong for others, if i think i am not wrong at my place that gives me inner satisfaction. what you think is a sin for anyone, that can be his/her helplessness. be positive think better leave the rest.