Intensity of Love

October 9, 2009 1:14pm CST
I've fallen in love several times before and it seems that everytime I fall, the feeling just gets weaker and weaker, or is it just me? Have you experienced this when loving just keeps fading away? I was thinking and I realized, what if one day i can't feel love anymore? Can you state your opinion on this?
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• Portugal
4 Nov 10
i understand^^ i guess that you fell but they werent your true love. thats why it ended by fading away. maybe your past gfs didnt give you much care and love or maybe didnt understand you much. so thats why that it ended by becoming weaker. if you love someone you need to give attention, care, understanding^^ if that doesnt happen is normal that it disappears. we all need to feel love or else it will not be the same anymore. dont be afraid^^ we all have someone for us and you also have. you wont stop to fall in love^^ im sure of that :)
@SHAMRACK (8384)
• India
26 Sep 10
Dear friend, I feel that love is very mysterious for some who had to find their right choice. But once we get the right choice I hope it would be like winning jackpot in life. Some love hurts us if that do fit for us. I hope the most luckiest person is those who get their right choice in love.
@ifa225 (11099)
• Indonesia
23 Sep 10
don't push your love when u in love. if the feelings weaker, maybe you get bored. it is u that u have to find a way to make stronger your feelings. when it comes to the right person, it is ur job to keep her/him in your arms.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
29 Aug 10
Love is a great feeling which has to be expressed. If you find it true, never fail to convey, thats a tribute to the love in real.Yes am in true love and its a feeling of happiness life long.
• United States
15 Oct 09
I would have to say, this has seemed to happen to me. I am with my true love for 5 years now and it has taken alot for me to grow. One part was realizing that Love is Not A Feeling. Love is a Dedication. It is a Dedication meaning that you want to put Effort into this person. An Effort to Not just let them Feel You Love Them, But to Know. My Wonderful Husband does just this for me. I am Thankful to know He Loves me and is In Love with me and that we are Dedicated to each other. Altho, it is almost 5 years I am still working on myself, I have gotton to the Understanding of What Love is and I am now Working Hard to express myself to him in these ways. I too use to get the Feelings of I am Falling In and Out OF LOVE, but until we search within us, and decide What Love is?, What we want Love to Be?, and Whom we want to share it with? To Dedicate to.. Knowing there will always be ups and downs, that Loving someone entails not just getting our own way, Respect to our partner, And as my Grandmother always said, "Treat people how you want to be treated, not how you have been treated." Will we ever know how to truly Love
• Philippines
10 Oct 09
we are different dude, for my part, when i fall in love i hurt. because everytime id think of the one i love, i always think about money and that triggers the problem and the barriers of love. also , i want to make the girl i love feel that she loves me also. i'll be just stupid if i am the only one who love her. but loving seems to be hurting? you'll surely forget it time after time. cause i believe in "time heals". and also it depends if your love is just a fling or a puppy love. because true love never fails. :) good day and happy myLotting :D