Your perspective is wrong. Read Jews, God and History

United States
October 9, 2009 10:31pm CST
If you read most of the internet comments about Jesus Christ and about religion they are pretty interesting and usually pretty astute. One thread on MyLot recently gave the Jesus the slang of Communist Hippie Jew. I referenced a bouuk called Jews, God and History by Max Dimont. Jews, God and History a historical and laymans view of many of religious events in history a gritty historical realism that strips away much of the fanfare. It helps you to see what the time of tthe time saw and how they were looking at events. For instance it tells the story told of who Moses was, as an Eygptian prince is the household of an assasinated Pharoah who believed in Monothesim. Monothesim was a concept foreign and dangerous to the existing relgious groups of the day, including the Amen group. Jews God and History also tells the story of Muhammed and how his movement became the force it has become today. It reference the battles of Salidim, and tells of many who thought to be a messiah or the messiah in the Jewish movement. It tells the story of how the jewish has crisscrossed all modern history. The book is worth the investment of time and money.
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