Hey! Are you a fun of Twilight?!

October 10, 2009 5:38am CST
When I first heard of twilight, I thought it was not interesting at all. Pictures seemed not to be interesting at all. My friends asked me to watch it for how many times, but I declined. Finally, I said yes. I was not excited but when I was watching the movie? I was not able to say even a word! I was so in love with Edward (the handsome vampire)! And after that? I can't wait for the next thing to happen and so I run to the National bookstore and ordered the next books! I waited for a month and I got the 3 other books (New moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). And this coming November, I'll be watching it on the premiere night! Do you like twilight too? Did you feel so in love with Edward or Bella too?
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