what's your main duties when you are surfing online?

October 10, 2009 8:48am CST
while..it's so hard for me to live even a signle day without internet. funny thing is...once there is some problem or other reasons that i realy cant use internet..and i was told that i hv to stay home without internet..then.,i will get so boring..feel like i hv lots lots things to do ,without internet i cant do anything..i cant do all of these important to-do lists.. lol but then when internet is ok..once i start my pc.i forget all theset important works..only know chatting..or watching movies.... that's really hard to understand.. we cant live without net..if our main duties is chatting or watching tv throught internet..so that means we cant live without chatting or watching tv? i think to guyes..their main function is for games...right? to me..chatting and shopping online are my two big issues... does interent really bring u lots money or only for killing time?? thanks for reading best wishes
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