Is it fair to this man?

October 10, 2009 11:26am CST
Several days ago I met a criminal suspect in a detention house. His accusation was to sell fake goods, such as handbags and leather belts. He admitted his illegal conduct, but didn't approve of the amount which was calculated by police. The police calculated the amount according to the price of brand ones, which amounted to millions of RMB (hundreds of thousands of dollars). It meant he would face a severe penalty. But in reality, the suspect sold fake goods at cheaper prices. For instance, he sold a fake LV handbag at the price of 200 RMB (about 30 dollars) while the same pattern of brand one was worth thousands of RMB (hundreds of dollars). According to this calculation, the amounts were only 30 thousand RMB (about 4,000 dollars). The outcome would be quite different. Do you think criminal law should apply to selling fake goods? If you think so, which calculation do you think is more reasonable?
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