When was the last time you have said "I love you" to your mom?

October 10, 2009 3:15pm CST
A lot teens today it's "cheesy" to say "I love you" to our mom. I also agree with that - before. I've been away from my mom ever since I have started working. I get to see her like every after 5 months. I missed her. The last time I said " I love you" was just a text message I have sent her like a month ago. I can't remember when was the last time I that really said that word. Now, I really want to tell how much I miss her and how important she is to me. I hate it, but sometimes I can just remember it when I feel like I'm sick. But, as much as we can, we have to say that we love them everyday. They are the reason why we are enjoying our life in this world. It's their unmeasurable love for us. Do you also feel that it's cheesy to say that word? When was the last time you have said that? Are there any reasons why you can't say it to your mom?
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