Pastor with guns ,where is his faith !!!

@ronnyb (6119)
October 10, 2009 4:24pm CST
I was watching CNN yesterday and heard a piece of news that I found somewhat unusual .There was a pastor in Chicago pulled a gun on a man who was robbing the church ,can you imagine .When asked he said the church was his flock and he is supposed to protect them .Now I am not very familiar with scriptures but I am pretty sure that in the bible it says "that though should not kill" and I am thinking that having a gun represents and intent to kill or harm.I am also thinking that a pastor should have enough faith to prtect the flock and himself by enveloping thmeselves in prayer Consequently what are the issues at play here .Is this pastor lacking in faith and prefers to put his faith in guns ?.Does his reason have merrit and do we need external sources of protection along with faith ,can these two idealogies coexist or is it a situation of if you have faith then you need nothing else ? Another consideration is how would you feel if you were a member of his flock ?.Could you truts him wholeheartedly after knowing that ?
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