baby is sick

October 11, 2009 3:53am CST
since my baby was born 7 months ago, she has never been sick, even those she is exposed to a lot of things. but since last night, we noticed that she is having runny nose. and it because a full blown colds over night. oh what a parent will do when her baby is sick! she would wake up every 30 minutes becasue she could not breathe and I would carry her around until she would settle down. when i put her down again, she wake up again and again until morning came. today is her 7th month and instead of having a picture taking and mama making spaghetti, mama slept the whole morning because of a throbbing headache. it was papa who took care of her while mama slept. i think, it is about her teeth as she is also salivating so much and sort of chewing on her tongue. but then again, i had allergy attack since last week which worsened into a cold, so i am not sure if hers is viral or just the side effect of her teeth growing, or both. bad combination, then. anyway, just want to let you know that i am a harassed parent know. baby is not really fussy even if she is sick, she eats and feeds on her bottle without hassle. this afternoon though, while on her bottle, she choked on her phlegm so she choked and threw up some of the milk that she had 2 hours ago. but that's about it. oh i could only pray that God will heal her as soon as possible. for everybody's sake. God bless you all! happy parenting and mylotting as well! :D
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