Do you see DREAMS while in sleep? Sour? Sweet? Nightmares?

October 11, 2009 9:03am CST
I think dreams has many things to say which we sometimes understand and sometimes not. Sometimes in my life I have seen when I am not Ok in health I see bad dreams, dreams of suffering, or something that create pains. Sometimes I also seen funny dreams. There is a saying in my community that a dream at dawn always comes true. Dreams has so many explanations now in medical science, in astrology. Once a friend told me a funny story about his hostel life. He was good footballer and was playing in striker position in his college. It so happens that all his roommates who shared bed with him changed their bed by appealing to the hostel warden one day after getting irritated about his habit. The reason is every night my friend somehow managed to score a winning goal but it lands someone who is sharing his bed with him into the ground, in his dream. Believe it, all our close friends who heard the story, rolled into the ground for several minutes, into laughter. Do you have anything like this to share with us?
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