Getting Direct PTC Ref isn't hard anymore

October 11, 2009 10:07am CST
I think everyone know PTC (Pay To Click), but earning cash from it without any investment are really slowwww... investment like rent/buy some ref can make us reach PayOut quickly. The matter is sometimes our rented ref didn't active and we have to spend more cash to recycle it. Direct Ref may be could be the way Out, we can ref our family or friends isn't? But sometimes that not enough, to get more ref. that are not our family or friends are a bit harder. Many strategies are used, even we have to invest some cash too. For that, I think for all who has experience for getting Direct ref. may want to share it here. My tips for getting ref is by exchange ref, you join mine and I will join yours. You can see some PTC I joined in my Profile, and start exchange with me. I will be as active as you. Simple isn't? :) But Once again, It's not enough. Please give me some others Advice, suggestion, Tips, Tricks, Strategies or whatever it is for getting Direct ref. with the lowest cost ^^! That if you readying to share it here.
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