any ideas for the puppy we are watching

United States
October 11, 2009 8:16pm CST
ok i tried to post this a few mins ago and it wouldnt post. we are dog sitting a german shepard. she is great. we love her like our own. let me tell you alittle about her though and her owner. her name is loulou. she was a stray that showed up at the aparment complex when she was still very a puppy. after a week a tentant took her in. he loves her and she loves him they are each others everything. it has been about 5 months now and we have been here about 3 months. she plays with us and the kids daily and comes over for meals and her owner has became hubbys bestfriend. well her owner got a job but has to go to school for 5 weeks and cant have her there. he comes hom on weekends to be with her. he just left again and she is so sad. we are trying to cheer her up. he brings down all her stuff before he left and even some of his. we love her and play with her and everything but she is still sad and ideas?
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