why do you MYLOT?

October 11, 2009 11:08pm CST
A friend introduced me to this site more than a month ago-i guess. He told me about earning when you write. WOW! If you have read my entry here that tells something about hidden talent, you would know how i love writing. So here's the thing...honestly it wasn't only the earnings that made me excited about signing up in this site. I love posting blogs. I have lots of them in other sites. But some of those blogs weren't even noticed and read. It helps a lot when you write and there was someone-even only ONE-who will leave a comment on your post. It makes me feel enthusiastic about writing more. 'cos when someone is responsing on your posts-it only means that you were understood. Something you have written about is appreciated or makes other people feel that they can relate with you. You can share-and they can share their own views and opinions too! That's why I like it here. That's why I love mylot! Happy mylotting everyone! GODbless :)
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