Do You Have a Sensitive/Psychic Child?

United States
October 12, 2009 11:24am CST
You know it's not a secret that children are more sensitive to certain frequencies within the realm of this universe. A child's mind is plastic, and unable to digest the logic required to talk themselves out of believing what they see, feel and hear. I was a sensitive child and have a sensitive daughter as well. I received a mediumistic reading from someone one day where a deceased friend was brought through to me. I was told that he had a motorbike on his headstone and beside it was a yellow flower. I was given many personal messages and facts through this reading that were unique to our friendship and which I could not debate. However I didn't know if there was a motorbike or flower on his headstone because when he passed, there was simply a marker in the cemetary for a long time, until his family could afford a proper headstone. I had not been out to visit his site for a long time. So I grabbed up my daughter and we went straight away to the cemetary so I could verify this information. I could not find his grave site after so many years. My daughter was 5 years old at the time and did not know why we were there. First she asked me, "Mommy what is that?" And I didn't see anything there. I asked her what do you see? She said she was seeing fog like a cloud all around this particular headstone. I didn't see anything though. Then she turned her head and said "Over there mommy." I said, "What's over there honey?" She said, "A yellow flower." First of all, she knew nothing of my looking for a yellow flower to find his headstone and secondly, when she lead me directly to his stone which was several yards away, there was no yellow flower apparent there. However, there was new headstone, complete with an engraved motorbike. I didn't see any yellow flower, but I did see a small planter behind the others there. I picked it up, and saw a tag in the planter. I was a bit freaked out to think about turning the tag around if I should happen to find that it's actually a yellow flower in this planter. YES. It WAS a yellow marigold flower which had not sprouted. So of course I could not question, that YES this was truly my friend speaking to me from the other side, and my daughter was key in finding his stone which she was never told I was looking for in the first place. Have you experienced anything like this or have similar experiences you'd like to share?
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