whats SAP

October 12, 2009 4:58pm CST
I'm looking for a new jobs and have come a across lots of job descriptions that say you need basic knowledge of SAP. The job is for a System admin. What is SAP??
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• Jinan, China
17 Apr 14
they had told you sap thing available .then i tell you if you've a sap job and you're good at sap module knowledge ,fat salary .
• India
28 Jul 10
Hi hypermusician_bells, SAP(Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) is an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) software which is used to run an organization efficiently and effectively.
• United States
12 Oct 09
SAP is System Applications & Products. This is a software that is widely used across the globe by major corporations for management of things like assets, materials & production. "SAP" is the name of the actual online software as well as the name of the company that developed it. Training is available online as well as at local colleges...you should look into it.