Do you think it is possible to be full time stock trader

October 12, 2009 9:54pm CST
I'm interested in stock trading and i'm learning a lot right now. So do you think it is possible to be a full time stock trader since a lot of people also don't believe it, and they say it took so many time to be a good trader. Maybe some of you can share what is your experience and knowledge about being a full time trader. Thanks a lot :)
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@SQD444 (679)
• India
29 Oct 09
hey there... ofcourse it is possible to become a full time trader if you are good at the trading techniques and you have a well structured tading strategy.. i think if you are an expert in thge techniques and trends analyis.. then stock market is the best place in which you can mint money like you could do nowhere else... but you need to be patient and careful and not be driven by greed.. cheers
• Indonesia
18 May 10
Yes indeed, i agree with you but a lot of people got the wrong idea. They think that they can be rich fast by doing trader in fact it needs time to be a good stock trader
@caflemin (21)
• Canada
15 Oct 09
I find the stock market so interesting. I don't know if you could do it full-time right now as people are so sceptical about the market. I personally think the time to buy is now when the prices are low but I think that I am in the minority. I would practice with part of your portfolio and when you have some training and some experience go for it. You will never know unless you try. But don't quit your regular job until you have a steady income. Good luck and remember Wall Street is full of Full-Time Stock-Traders.
• Indonesia
16 Oct 09
Yes, i find it very interesting and base on my opinion it is the same as business in fact ( you buy and then sell to make some profit). Right now i'm still working my regular job as employee meanwhile i also learn from some seminar, books and doing virtual trading to test my strategy, i will decide to become full time trader when i have enough cashflow from stock trading. BTW thanks for your input and attention :)