dream translator

October 13, 2009 8:26am CST
hello everyone! anyone here knows a site or someone out there who can translate my / our dreams each time we sleep? I'm just conscious about it. Sometimes at school when we are having a lesson, i can't forget some of my dreams. There are dreams that keeps on bothering me. ex. dreaming of reaching the clouds / clouds that is so near [about 5 inch near the roof] but cannot be touched, falling teeth, insects crawling, and many more :D.
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@magic9 (981)
• China
13 Oct 09
hi, I am interested in dream interpretation too. and I have read a few books about dreams. It's said (in Chinese culture) if you dream of a falling teeth, that means an old relative will die, if it hurts, it's a close relative. if you dream of touching the sky as you said, even very near the clouds, that's a promising dream, which implies that you are getting promotion in your career. but my last night's dream was really bothering me, I dreamed of a few worms squeezing in my skin and I tried to pull them out one by one.
• Philippines
13 Oct 09
Hi! I don't know anyone who can interpret dreams. I bookmarked a site back then, but now it's gone as we had the computer reformatted. I think, the best way for you to find a website is if you visit ask.com and try typing your question in the box :) That's what I often do when I'm researching, and pretty much, ask.com gives me pretty good websites to browse through :)