You may not have the bad news

@borhan (1345)
United States
October 13, 2009 8:45am CST
Dear internet surfers, Now internet surfing has become an integral part of your life. Have you ever thought of the situation...Let me tell the situation. One day, in a fine morning, you raised up with a call from your friend. The message is "the world has gone completely offline". Now? What will be your reaction? How about the banks? How about the airlines? How about the online businesses? Whom will we know as google or yahoo or myLot? How about the mail that you got last night? You did not check those even? You mailed your thesis paper to your professor last night. He was supposed to check that today? Your paypal account? Your last 20 years all digitized photos and documents are stored in a site's customized album!! Your health report was in the hospital's site. You did not feel to have a printed copy even!! Thousands of issues..... Dear friend, I dont dream even this situation. Please, you also dont think on this. But can you think off the situation, if this arises, how much the world will take for transformation to paper era? Does the world have that amount of papers? May be thats how the next world war will commence. So, keep backup of everythings, you store on net. Dont deny use of papers. Have a nice online day. Thanks.
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@Milesxiao (104)
• China
14 Oct 09
Hi borhan, thanks for your attention about the offline risk happened in future. it sounds really terrible, all communication on internet will be unavailable due to something, all the archives you stored in remote sites will not be attained due to something, life will be unhappy and uncomfortable when absence of internet. In my opinion, if it happen someday, maybe for following reasons: 1. the earth encounters destroyed 2. world war of very large area by mankind anyway, backup your owned on net is optional, just keep optimistic.