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October 13, 2009 7:34pm CST
I absolutely adore Coleman! He is so funny and cute. He really is a good guy. Today he was so hilarious when he was at the hospital with Carly and he told Epiphany, " Hey, it was just an order of fries! If she didn't get them from me, she would have gotten them somewhere else." Like they were an illegal substance! Coleman needs more story and a girlfriend! He was also so funny at the non-wedding when he hopped up on the bar with Coleman's kittens and sang "Macho Man". what is your favorite Coleman moment?
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10 Nov 09
Coleman is a cutie. :) But I can't believe him and Kate Howard almost hooked up. She's way too snobby for him. I think she was drunk in that scene.
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@coffeebreak (17820)
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23 Oct 09
Oh my GOSH!!!! I missed that!!! Maybe this weekend I'll go online and try to find it.. who were the "kittens". I bet that was hilarious! I dont know how I missed it.. I watched the non-wedding and all. Just my luck to miss Coleman! I do like him alot! Being with Carly and Johnny... that was so funny at the same time so sweet and loveable! I do wish they'd do more with him. But like with Max and Diane and Spenilli and Maxie... they will probably ruin him if they do, so better just take what we can get while we got him!
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