How often do you get survey from Toluna?

United States
October 13, 2009 10:20pm CST
Does anyone familiar with toluna, a survey site where you can take survey or vote on sponsor's poll to earn money. I recently just sign up with toluna, and earn some thousand points from it. I just wonder if anyone is a member of toluna? How often do you have survey opportunity, and how do you increase your earning from there?
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18 Oct 09
I get survey invitations from Toluna everyday but I hardly qualfy for a majority. I jus answer sponsored polls and do surveys. I recently cashed out because I had points which were accumulated when Toluna was still your2cents. It takes a long time for them to send payments but they come. I was expecting that they would at least switch to paypal but it is still the same, they send payments by cheques.
18 Oct 09
Definitely difficult because it depends on the amount of survey invites you get. I think your best bet would be to join as amany survey sites are possible. At the end of the month, it always adds up to somethung. Some surveys are paying well, even up to $5 per survey which can last 30 minutes.