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@js0107 (25)
United States
October 14, 2009 6:28am CST
Hi Mylotters. I presume a lot of members here would have heard about Well, they also have another site called Now, recently I had reached about $30 in my Focuslinesurveys account and I had requested cashout. After about 10 days I see that the cashout has been rejected. Since this has been my first cashout, I thought they needed some confirmation which I was missing. So I sent them a gentle email to check the cashout request. Now they reply back saying that they found that the surveys had been completed in a very short time and so the cashout was rejected. Now, people who already know about Surveyhead / Focusline, know for a fact that their surveys are quite long and difficult to qualify and complete. Also, they take more than a month to verify the data and confirm the surveys completion. Now when such a rigourous procedure is followed to confirm the surveys, do you think that speeding on a survey will actually add credit to my account. Moreover, why should Focusline worry about speeding on a survey. The client has already received the data and confirmed the survey. Also, Focusline have received the payment for the survey completion. Now, this is clearly a rip-off because, they have received the payment from the client and are greedy to even get my earnings too, which are meagre, considering the fact that these survey companies make thousands of dollars for each survey project. I had contacted them once again with all these points, but they haven't replied yet. I still have more than $50 in pending state and do not think that even if that money is confirmed, it would hit my Paypal account. So does anybody else have an experience like this either on Surveyhead or focusline. Please let me know, what can be done to get the money from them in such a case. Aslo, please spread the word if you are on other blogs / discussion forums about the scam that Surveyhead and Focusline have been pulling off with the unsuspecting members, so that when there are no survey takers then there would be no clients going back to this Scam Company and we might see better survey sites which offer good incentives and are honest with their members for what they do. Please help me in getting my money for my time and effort. Any suggestions? Thanks All
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• Philippines
14 Oct 09
I'm afraid maybe you are a victim of survey scams. They usually promise sums of money you can collect from them but at the moment you want to withdraw funds several "reasons" popped- out from their so - called "systems" that you cannot process the payment because of blah3x. Anyway, all that I can say is say bye - bye to your dollars and it happens to a lot of money makers through net all over the world. I am sorry if that is too harsh but I am also a victim of scam sites, so don't worry, you are not alone.
29 Mar 10
I have to say that i did not have this experience with focusonlinesurveys or surveyhead. I received my payment when I asked for it, right into my PayPal account. I recommend them highly. I do not know what happened in your case. Maybe you should try and contact them directly.
• United States
21 Jul 11
i started in feburay and most of the survey got the information and just before the end tell me i did not qualify. now i had $23 and the cash out is $25 It seems like everything has slowed down. I have $37 still pending now you tell me it will take a month for that to be earned and they already got paid. i will wait and see what happens but it makes me not want to take anymore survey until i get paid for the ones that i have taking