trying to be positive.

United States
October 14, 2009 3:57pm CST
So I'm listing good things to counter negative things negative- I'm in a lot of pain Positve- I'm not bed ridden Negative-I don't sleep a lot Positive- I sleep a little and am not suffering fro sleep deprivation. Negative- I have no money positive- my mom is letting me stay in her house rent free so I am not homeless. Okay so I'm playing the Pollyanna game, which I'm not very good at.
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• China
14 Oct 09
I think it's good way to do so. When you look at something, try to think of it from a good aspect. For instance, when it is raining, do not be depressed, you will get fresh air after the rain, more over, maybe you will see the rainbow in the sky. Now I am abroad. I miss my parents and my home a lot. Sometimes I feel bad. But I think it's a good way to make me grow.
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• India
15 Oct 09
iam also a person who is trying to be positive in life.i will get depressed if the work was nt done that i thought.i used to thought in a negative way that iam nt efficient n i cnt do i learnt 2 be positive from my close friend who always thinks positively on everything in life.i this way i would like 2 thank my friend 4 giving me support 2 lead my life happily by being positive
@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
15 Oct 09
Well, sometimes when you allow yourself to dwell on the Negative you let yourself down, and it can cause problems for you in the future as well. I think overall you need to dwell more on the positive, and look for things that can motivate you and keep you Happy. Maybe pick up a Craft or hobby that you enjoy, get out with some friends and just enjoy life as you. When you continue to think positive while looking up in time things will improve as well. Wishing you the Best.