United States
October 15, 2009 12:34am CST
I love watching shows that show shocking real life Most Shocking and Most Daring...Smoking Gun, etc! And I just saw a video with a guy that can literally say "I survived being hit by a semi and a train at the same time." I looked for the video at youtube but couldn't find it,so I can't share it here, sorry!! But I'm pretty certain this guy is the only one on the face of the planet that can say that!!! lol So, what amazing videos have you seen? Or have you seen something amazing/shocking personally? Thanks for sharing!
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• Philippines
15 Oct 09
I also watched Amazing Video and Most Shocking video, i was shocked to see those people slamming while racing cars or motorcycles. those that on fire, those being attacked by bad person. I had seen this one man hit the lady using canned goods and she was hit in the head. She was the lady in the counter. That was very horrifying. its amazing how video caught this incidence. When I am watching this kind of program I became frightened for my own safety. I think accident is everywhere.
• United States
15 Oct 09
Oddly enough, I don't ever really worry about myself after watching these videos. I defeniatly don't think I'm immortal or something lol. Yeah there were a couple pretty shocking car race accidents on this episode. Esk!! I was literally gasping in shock at these videos!! The show is called Ultimate Peril, and it was the series premiere. It was really good and had a lot of videos I've never seen, so I'll probably keep watching it if I don't forget!