Making my primary money from online work

United States
October 15, 2009 2:26am CST
Hello. I have a few different things that I do online nearly every day to try to generate cash flow. I aspire to be successful at making money online. My idea of success in online money making is to generate at least $100 a day to start off. The problem I have is getting a foot in the right direction. Now I want to devote my precious time to something that I believe in. Several sites allow you to sell their products on a dropship basis and this offers a realistic model to earn cash. But I simply cannot put my heart and soul into it because of market saturation. Dont believe me? Sign up for one of these big dropshipping companies and try to post one of their products on eBay. You'll soon find that there are twenty or more listings for the same product and no one interested in buying any of them. So that left a sour taste in my mouth and wallet when i came to this realization. I know nothing about this MLM marketing and have only heard that it is comparable to a pyramid scheme and is walking the fine lines of legality. This turns me off about learning anything about it. The last thing I want to do is invest a year of work into an industry that becomes an illegal practice. Writing is great but I can only come up with so many topics for discussion and only write so many reviews before I run out of material. I would love to land a real job writing for an online publication, but I have no credentials and would surely be up against a wall when competing for a job. I have 2 kids and my fiance is a full time mom. So its hard to make the ends meet some weeks and I am hungry for a real opportunity here. Too many times in the past I have tried to devote my time to something and it turns out that I am the one making someone else rich. Any input is greatly appreciated guys!
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• China
15 Oct 09
Hi,sorry for you. I hope you can earn more money. I'm now typing for a site called Pixprofit, I think maybe you can go and have a look, some people say they can earn $5 per day, it is not a lot of money, but maybe it will help you.Good luck!
• United States
15 Oct 09
Thanks for the input. I hadnt heard of that one before. Ill def go check it out.
• Philippines
21 Oct 09
Hi! like you I also have a target - for starters a $10 a day isn't that bad. But as of the moment Im making about $10 a week. You can visit my website and check out the ones that are paying me.
• Malaysia
20 Oct 09
So you have learned the hard way like everybody else. Surveys pay quite well but you only get a few a month. Paid posts is a better bet for you but you said you are not s keen. As far as MLM is concerned, its very tough cos' you need a lot of downlines and they are hard to get. Even affiliate programs need a lot of referrals before you make a decent amount. If you want to earn more, I am afraid you have to do a bit of everything.
@tixepower (1196)
• Sweden
16 Oct 09
100$ to start off everyday, good luck :D