Do you love a girl who is older than you?

October 15, 2009 2:28am CST
Love is a superb feeling i know.but i have one question do you love a person who is 2 or more older than you.why we love a girl equal to our age or younger than us.What your thoughts about this?
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@Rite17 (773)
• United Kingdom
15 Oct 09
Think that whoever you are in love with... age doesnt matter... It is how we feel personally that matters... I was in love with a guy who was 38 when iw as 18.... And i didnt see a problem and he said same.... But kept bringing age up... how he couldnt give me kids, hwo he didnt want to get married again, what we would be like when he's 50 and i wud still be young n fancy free!! He had it in his head and he broke it off... After he realised that he should live in the moment not the future... we gave it another go... by then i had fallen out of love with him and we became good friends... Then when he realised that he couldn't go with his ex again and get married, he treid with me knowing i was engaged and soon to move away... For him to get over me and to save my realtionship, I broke off the friendship and told him he wud thank me when he's finally let go of me... He told me he would never forget my bday n have a toast for me... And never let me go... I do hope he's happier now and getting on with his life.. I do wonder about him quite a bit, but don't want to look him up as he migth start over and be evan harder to let him go the second time!! Just hope that he's happy....
• India
13 Nov 09
hey really good to hear ya.Because my friends always say don't love an older age girl because ego problem will arise.She don't give respect like this.But now am clear
@Godmother (476)
• Indonesia
13 Nov 09
I think the most important part is that you love each other and understands each other. Age only matters when you keep bringing up the subject. If the man and the woman can behave and look as equal than it's ok. Yes, the woman will have to put extra effort to maintain her youthful looks. I have friends who are like that, and its ok, as long as she doesn't look like your mother.
• China
2 Nov 09
I kept loving a girl older than me for more than 10 years, actully we grew up together, and she treat me as her younger sister. In that time, she was so charming, mature, and smart, all the boys went after her, but finally, i won. In my 14, she was 16, i told her, she accepted me. I loved her so much, even now i cant forget, we had broken up after i went uni, she go abroad, but if i had a chance, i wont let her go. Cherish ur love, forget the age gap!
@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
17 Oct 09
hi! welcome to mylot! :D if ever that my brother would have her own girlfriend in the near future, i would say that i wouldn't mind if he chooses older women. i think attitude is much important rather than age. it's his life and i'm just there to simply give guidance to him.... :D
15 Oct 09
My fiancee is a little over four years older than me. We don't see a problem with it and it's not a very big gap to be honest. More often than not I think the male is older, but not always and not in my case. I'm male and 28 and she's female and just turned 33. I love her so much and there is nothing in the world that would change that. The age difference is tiny and we have friends who have bigger gaps in their relationship where the female is the older partner. It depends on the person and the culture you live in, but it may be looked on as strange if a man is going out with a woman that's 15 years or so older or more. I can see no problem with that myself, but the further the age gap the more significant it is. I think, in my opinion, that if someone's old enough to be your parent then that may start to be an odd relationship.